Thursday, August 07, 2014

Allow Yourself to Evolve Else Revolve!


GRACE is vital for a Human to PROGRESS purposefully in the very Janma.

GRACE of GOD, GRACE of a Guru enhances life showing right direction and giving opportunities to Evolve utilizing Human format.

Now while relaxing when I comfortably look back my past, I realize How God has been protecting me all along. If only GOD has GRANTED me all my desires I had in my 20's, for sure by Now My life would have become so BARREN and THORNY!

GRACE of the LORD is all encompassing. HE has been giving me what I deserve to drive me on the right path to evolve further purposefully using this human form.

Grace of Guru is so very enticing, like my Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda through his teaching, vide his books & talks wakes me to pick the right set of values to walk the path of Shreyas to Evolve utilizing this very human format.

100years of GuruDev Swami Chinmayanandaji's celebrations in Chennai offers myself a great opportunity to listen to deatailed lectures on all the 18 chapters of Bagavad Gita by Swami Mitrananda delivered to the seekers in one Bagavad Gita chapter Per month mode.

If I do not allow myself to cleanse & refine my mind to EVOLVE to live & experience the higher realms utilizing this very Human Janma, then with my IGNORANCE, for sure I will be REVOLVING the vicious Birth-Death cycle un-intelligently!

Think for a while. In a day human mind entertains upto 60,000 thoughts! Wasteful thinking, Wasteful Talking, Wasteful Actions with No clarity, No right direction, falling prey to the wrong projections of my own mind coloured and flavoured by "KamaKrodhaMohaLobhaMadhaMatsarya"

Freeing myself from these wasteful miserable pattern of purposeless life style is the first step to Evolve.

Shivoham! Shivoham!

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